Get Rid Of Dandruff This Summer With Anti Dandruff Treatment

Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff!!! The white flakes on our black dress! It feels so embarrassing to experience dandruff. And the worst part is it doesn’t go away. The homemade remedies do not work. The shampoos don’t show their miracle. You might have gone through this experience. But alas, we have good news for our Hyderabad customers. Dandruff hair treatment in Hyderabad is now available!

There are three types of dandruff that affect all the people.

Type 1:

This type of dandruff is caused due to dryness In the scalp. It is the result of over oiliness that is found on the scalp. In other words, it is just the dryness of the scalp and is called dry dandruff. It appears during winters and is seasonal in nature. It exists as a dry powder that appears on the scalp. It might result in hair loss occasionally. The oil generated on the scalp called as Sebum is responsible for this type of dandruff. We offer anti-dandruff treatment in Hyderabad to treat this type of dandruff.

Type 2:

This type of dandruff is the result of infection of the scalp. It is caused when the sebum or the scalp oil accumulates over a period of time. It might be caused when hair is not washed for too long. If the sebum or the scalp oil stagnates for too long, it will create a cycle of fungal infections in the scalp. These fungi thrive under the sebum as they use this oil as food. They multiply and spread to the whole scalp causing bad dandruff. The dandruff flakes are too numerous in this type. They are distinguished by their nature of itchiness and boils that are found on the scalp. Hair dandruff treatment of this type could be a bit challenging. But however, dandruff hair treatment in Hyderabad is still available by NeoFatbury.

Type 3:

This type of dandruff is caused as a result of skin or scalp disorders. It is referred to as the ugliest type of dandruff. It is accompanied by diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis of the scalp. Hair dandruff treatment of this type could be very challenging. They wouldn’t go away even after multiple treatments. They are stubborn by nature and keep on reappearing. The flakes are large and it resembles the skin. The severe form of this type of dandruff could result to spread dandruff in the face, nose, ears, forehead, eyebrows, etc. Treatment for such type can’t be neglected. To treat such kind of dandruff we offer anti-dandruff treatment in Hyderabad.

Unlike other skin conditions, dandruff is easily diagnosed. There is a saying that, if you want to find out if you have dandruff, then just wear black clothes and comb your hair! But however, if shampoos are used indiscriminately then it can make dandruff resistant and hence increase the persistence of dandruff. It is always advisable to seek medical help. All three types of dandruff can be treated by a right professional through hair dandruff treatment. The faster you seek medical advice, the quicker the problem will be solved.  All three types of dandruff can range from mild to severe. Hence treatment of such type of dandruff is a must.

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We at provide the right dandruff hair treatment in Hyderabad. We have the right professionals that will make your dandruff disappear. If you need a quote, then you can visit us and inquire about dandruff treatment cost in Hyderabad. Neofatbury is always at your service in the mission of providing anti-dandruff treatment in Hyderabad.