Cryotherapy Treatment And Its Benefits

Cryotherapy- Meaning, history and process

In the lieu of fast growing medical technology, scientists still haven’t lost view of their roots. One such simple yet successful therapy is Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy refers to ‘the use of liquid nitrogen to create very low temperatures, often to freeze and remove skin cancers’. The history of cryotherapy dates back to 1978 when a Japanese scientist named Dr. Yamaguchi used whole-body cryotherapy treatment chamber to treat pain and rheumatoid arthritis using freezing treatments in short duration on the surface of the skin. Athletes and sports professionals utilize the potential of this treatment quiet regularly; some of them engage in it even twice a day.
Cryotherapy exists in two main forms: whole body and local cryotherapy. As the names suggest, local cryotherapy targets only one part of the body while the whole body one targets the full body. Local cryotherapy can be used through ice packs, ice massage, ice baths, coolant sprays etc. In whole-body cryotherapy treatment chamber, the individual is supposed to stand in a closed box that covers his whole body except the head. The temperature for the treatment drops down to around 200-300°F to heal the pain or the disease. It can be done through cryosauna as well. Cryotherapy treatment leaves the body with a tingling experience, which denotes that it is working.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Like any other treatment, cryotherapy not only has its unique methodology, but there are many unknown benefits of the same. Cryotherapy is known to treat skin conditions like dermatitis by improving antioxidants level in blood, helps prevent tumors, reduces arthritic pain, helps control mood swings, reduces nerve irritation and is also very helpful in solving migraine problems. Cryotherapy treatment aims at cooling the swollen nerves hence reducing any kind of pain. Cryotherapy is also known to increase metabolism level as enriched blood flows back to the body after this process, burning around 500 to 800 calories. It also controls happiness as a person feels much more relaxed after this therapy of 3 minutes due to reduced cortisol levels. It also improved the texture of the skin, improves sleep cycles and improves movements in the injured parts of human body. One definitely needs to consult the doctor before undergoing Cryotherapy treatment. Modulation of hormo>nes is also noticed in many soccer players after cryotherapy.

The scope of the treatment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, being one of the most developed cities in the country stands tall when it comes to the cryotherapy treatment. Some of the best doctors in the field are based in the city. There are CoolSculpt treatments that reduce weight, increase metabolism and double chins. There are other medical institutions for cryotherapy treatment in Hyderabad as well. Cryotherapy is the next generation’s simple yet effective way to cure a number of diseases.